Rainhas Churrascaria

108-01 Northern Blvd.
Corona, NY 11368

Tel 718.779.8808
Fax 718.779.8821



Rainhas Churrascaria started in January 2012.  We have been a proud member of the Corona, Queens community and hope we have been a welcome addition in our time here.  Rainhas has decided to immediately start a non-profit organization that can help serve the greater needs of the Corona, Queens community.  The most immediate need for our community is a food pantry.  Many of our neighbors who live in Corona are having a challenging time during this current pandemic to even reach basic needs.  As a result, Rainhas has created a food pantry program that will select a handful of families that need a helping hand during this tumultuous period.

Please consider donating to our nascent organization.  Donating as little as $50 can buy a week’s worth of groceries for a family in need.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and generosity.  Even if you cannot donate here, please consider any way to help your fellow neighbors.

To donate to Corona Queens Strong, please click to the PayPal link below: